9 Facts About North Korea That Are Pretty Crazy

6. The amount of men and women in the country that forms their military force approximately equals the population of Senegal.


A bit of a random comparison, but North Korea has quite a large military force. Of course, duty is not an option. 

7. The first king of North Korea was afraid to make his journey through the air, so he has made 20 different stations and a fully fledged railway for him to travel across different parts of country.

Far Rail Tours

As someone who is scared of flying, I can only appreciate this. 

8. The country has one of the highest poverty rates, and is well known for being corrupt. There are even rumors of North Korean influence in drug-trade and other illegal activities.

The Borgen Project

Although I could not find any proof, it would not be unlikely to think this is true. 

9. If you are caught reading the bible or watching porn, you will be punished with the death penalty.

Porn statistics for North Korea and other facts

There are still a lot of people who risk this, according to Pornhub data. Whoops. Well, at least your Echo Spot is not listening. 

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