20 Pretty Scary Facts That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

6. The elevator that killed a woman. 

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In 2011, a woman was mysteriously killed by an elevator. It suddenly shot up, the moment the woman had one foot inside. Technicians could not find any malfunction. 

7. Facebook experimented with human emotions.

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Without telling anyone, Facebook altered what select groups of users could see on their timelines – being positive or negative. This was to experiment with altering moods. And it was quite effective. 

8. Some people wake up during surgery, without being able to move or speak. 

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It is called ‘accidental awareness’ and can happen during general anesthesia. About 1 in 19.000 people experience waking up during surgery and feel everything, but are unable to speak or move. 

9. When you die, your pet will probably eat you within 24 hours. 

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Researchers have shown that pets will likely start eating you within 24 hours of your death. 

10. A man once disappeared in a sinkhole while sleeping. 

sinkhole scary facts

On a not-so-ordinary day in Florida, a man actually sunk in a sinkhole while sleeping. His body was never found, despite efforts.

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